Filippo De Rose

Chief Marketing Officer @ Fabulous

Previous: Hyperbeard, Traplight, Pixelberry Studios
Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris (GMT+01:00)
Growth Marketing
Things I can advise on:
  • Comprehensive approach to Product Growth and Performance Marketing from inception to global reach, in both gaming and non verticals
  • Designing testing and operational frameworks across the gamut of the user lifecycle, from creative to CRM and live ops
  • Implementation of product and marketing analytics for informed decision-making on features, content, and user acquisition strategies
  • Effective remote talent management and operational excellence in growth and marketing


🚀 Passionate Mobile App Growth Leader | Data-Driven Strategist | Team Builder

With dynamic leadership, I champion continuous learning and hands-on execution. Almost two decades of relevant experience has shaped me into a results-driven "doer-manager." My journey spans aerospace, gaming, and now Health/Fitness-Productivity app publishing, fostering a diverse skill set across the user journey.

I excel in crafting and executing marketing plans aligned with business objectives. My track record features leading and executing performance, social media, and content marketing efforts—disseminating compelling content across channels. I deliver measurable outcomes: multi-million-dollar revenues, profit margins, market share growth, and ROI. Proficient in digital marketing, app monetization, and brand development, I pinpoint strategies for scaling.

Having lived in ten different countries, working across three continents, I fully embrace the global nature of our business and the immense opportunity of finding and managing talent remotely. This has blessed me with the opportunity of being in the driving seat of some great success stories, such as:

- The meteoric growth of Pixelberry Studios (US) leading to its historic exit to Nexon

- Hyperbeard's (Mexico) incredible evolution from small indie studio to globally leading hybrid casual studio

- The successful transformation of Fabulous (various in the EU) from a single mental wellness app publisher to a growing portfolio of life enrichening products

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