Siberia Su

UA and Growth Leadership, Ex-Skillz, Draftkings. Advisor @ Tappa

Previous: MobilityWare, DraftKings, Jam City
Pacific Time (US & Canada) (GMT-08:00)
Growth Marketing
Things I can advise on:
  • Growth strategies across digital and organic - online and offline
  • Product-led growth
  • Growth analytics tool
  • Creative testing framework and system
  • Growth team building strategy


I am a data-driven marketing leader with a track record of leading multi-channel portfolio buying and driving rapid profits growth.

With breadth and depth of knowledge in the digital ecosystem, I have built a growth marketing career in the worlds of 8+ B2C and B2B tech companies such as DraftKings, Skillz, MobilityWare, GroupM; Honing my skills as a growth marketing strategist, a team manager and a mar-tech specialist.  

I was named “Women in Mobile” in 2018 by liftoff, and have been a seasoned industry speaker. I am specialized in growth strategies, user acquisition (UA), channel strategies (paid social, search, network, organic), team management, 3rd party tools, creative testing, programmatic advertising, product marketing and ad tech.  

Top accomplishments as a growth leader: 

  • Led a massive 2017 NFL media buy profitably at DraftKings  
  • Built a DSP at Jam City alongside a marketing career 
  • Drove 30% MOM revenue growth for Gojourny prior to Covid 
  • Led a seamless DSP bidder migration with hundreds of campaigns at Xaxis (GroupM)
  • Led the development of creative testing system at MobilityWare

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